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Sam is a Staff Fullstack Software Engineer at Roblox (Marketplace Team) and is Co-Founder of Crave Cookie. He previously led Growth Engineering at Praxis, worked as a Senior Growth Engineer at InVision, a Senior Engineer at Socrata (acquired), and was the first Growth Engineer at Qualtrics (acquired by SAP for $8 bil).

Some of his areas of expertise and interests include:

He loves high-energy teams, novel experiences, riding motorcycles 🏍, and playing bass 🎸.


Crave Cookie

A service where you order cookies online and they are delivered to your door. I did all the design, strategy, go-to-market, and engineering. Hear me on Stripe's Indie Hackers podcast and the DigitalOcean podcast.

One of my greatest lesssons was the power of convenience in the user flows during the online checkout experience and the importance of scarcity in driving consumer choice.

The entire experience was hand crafted (no ecommerce platform) so I deeply internalized the ecommerce technology landscape the hard way.

It generated over millions in revenue in the first year.


A HTTP server framework written in F#. An experiment in simplified APIs for an improved developer experience

A process manager written in Crystal that watches files and restarts the application when changes occur.


A simple web framework written in Crystal. Can clock up to 120k requests per second on a single-threaded process.

Telescoop (retired)

A website crawler/parser that sends you a notifications when a specifc part of a page changes. ie. set up a crawler on a competitors site or ecommerce site and be notified of any change.

Screenshots: Diffs Editor 1 Editor 2 Email Notifications Scraper List

Gamma Fi (retired)

A gamification service that allows you to build achievement lists to guide and challenge your users so they stick around.