I'm Joining InVision

Sept 13, 2018 Last updated Sept 13, 2018

I'm getting back into Growth Engineering, baby

After a couple of months on-the-market this dirty bird is joining the InVision marketing team as a Senior Growth Engineer. This little stint was jam packed with companies: on-sites at Box, Clearbit, YouTube (Google), and was in the process of scheduling on-sites with Robinhood and Quora.

Today is my last day as a Frontend Engineer at Socrata (acquired by Tyler Technologies), but I was previously a Growth Engineer at Qualtrics. Why did I get out of Growth Engineering and why am I going back?

Back to Growth

I'm one of those client-side perverts. I have a fetish for design, UI/UX development and I actually like CSS. So when I was doing Growth before, I had some kind of inferiority complex or grass-is-greener deal going on where I thought I would be a superman if I moved to frontend.

I was able to do a lot more UI development and flex my React muscles, but it's not without its trade-offs:

Yes, I like frontend engineering and design, but guess what? I also like playing business and achieving dat sweet, sweet exponential growth. Shiz is fun, bro. Plus theres more career potential in Growth Engineering 🤑.

Why InVision?

  1. They have taste
  2. They have a religious following, which should make for some interesting marketing engineering
  3. They are completely remote
  4. They seem hungry

At the end of the day, I want to have the freedom to make sizable impact.

(Secret for Engineers: you have more technical influence in marketing/sales, because YOU are the technical expert)